[Dear SEMC...] What I want to see in the next Developer Update

I just wanted to get this out and see what others think.

What I want to see:

  1. Brawl Mode - a new map and rebalancing or rework of several Talents stats and their progression.

If anyone remembers, they actually hinted that they were working on Brawl maps in the Developer Update in early 2017 here.

From my perspective, they fulfilled the Talent aspect of their roadmap somewhat. Though they probably (more like ‘likely’) have fallen short in making Talents feel ‘nice to play.’

In relation to that, I think they missed the mark with trying to make Brawl modes feel as if they can “offer veterans completely new experiences and team fight choices” and “providing players new to Vainglory a bridge into the classic game.”

Talents is a way of “letting our more casually orientated players have fun in Brawl modes” because grinding Talents is grindy as heck, and ever since the introduction of ‘rank’ into Blitz, that game mode has essentially become a ground of tryhards.

Battle Royale is the only one that truly feels good to play through it is hinged on RNG (which is fine). The only problem is that some Talents break the mode and make it way too easy for a team to win.

That aside, reasons, why I want to see a new map for Brawl modes (both Blitz and Battle Royale), are:

  • Playing on the same map as 3v3 for over 2 years is getting boring.
  • The current map is too restrictive and narrow, which leads to easy chokes and pins against narrow corridors.
  • A Blitz Map that doesn’t allow too many easy jukes across walls (a cough, Lance, cough) and one that enables more room for play would make some Talents less powerful and some others more viable.
  • A Battle Royale Map that has less distance, a choke point, and maybe fewer turrets near the crystal; would allow games to be closed out a bit faster.

As for the reasons why I want a good amount of Talent changes… you can guess why.

  1. Double or Triple or Even More Bans Draft for 3v3.

They already made it for 5v5, why not for 3v3? I’m seriously wondering why they can’t just trim the U.I. for 5v5 and throw it into 3v3.

Plus, it’ll enable 3v3 Ranked feel less like “get this meta hero for your team and/or ban it. The game is lost if not.”

That way, they’ll reduce the saltiness of 3v3 Ranked players by giving them the ability to ban away pesky heroes until they can be looked at.

  1. Sever & Service Optimisation.

I remember this part in one of the developer update videos. There are alos other mentions of this in other developer updates.

I’m not asking for improvements, no. What I want to ask is what’s the current situation?

  1. Other features mentioned in previous developer updates.

The list as far as i know is:

  • Friend codes - leading to easier partying.

  • “Stay as a party” feature. Kind of like how Overwatch does it?

That’s all from me for now I suppose. What are your wants for the next developer update?


A proper balancing team :pensive:

also having some sort of closure to the lore would be great thanks.