Dear (3.8) SEMC

Wtf with this 3.8 when u earlier said that tank and tank everywhere. Now every hero become tank, lol
If you really want to change the gameplay, do it step by step, so the player can adapt to meta.

Rip vg that i used to know

just moved this to the dear semc topic for you :kissing_cat:


I am more concern how buggy 3.8 is. From the not dying grace that I bump into to the massive hit on power draw = heat and a lot faster dying battery. Then we have all the tons of other bugs listed in 3.8 bug thread. Delayed patch only to get that buggy as hell one, VG instead of getting better is getting worse in time.

I wish they focus more on bugs rather than those new stuff(like new hats)… although it is on different department …the 2 weeks delay isn’t really justified

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If it shows something, it’s that they didn’t let go mostly the people that makes the “money maker” stuff in the game like hats, skins, etc. Obviously it looks like they dev power for the engine and so on is weaker, so I can guess people there were let go or/and they alone find another job with the direction SEMC is going.

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I can’t really figure out what bugs they spent 2 extra weeks fixing, since their release notes have never listed issues they’ve addressed. In fact, 3.8 seems to have even more bugs than before. :new_poop:

But, we have more hats, so there’s that.


Maybe they needed the time to finish the hats and skins for Halloween on time to not miss the money grab? :stuck_out_tongue:


More than likely. I was ready to spend money too but the devs just don’t care.

I wrote about this in another thread. they simply don’t have the talent to fix bugs and it’s a business that needs to keep moving, so they focus on what they do well… which is creation of heroes, items and hats.

The bug department be like : starring at a screen for hours, the boss walks in and be like : what up ?
they shrug their shoulders and pretend to say something intelligent… and they survive another day without getting fired.

the thing about Diagnosis - in any field - be it a doctor, mechanic, computers or whatever, is that it is performed by humans. They can be good by following logical steps, looking at the evidence and eventually finding the solution, like all good professions should. But due to the “human” factor, there are simply too many humanly traits to blame when things go wrong - such as tiredness, lack of knowledge, stress, etc etc.

The problem is, they are constantly changing the code. Adding things. They just can’t afford to spend forever to find bugs and fix them.

Just like there are good engineering and bad engineering - good reliable cars and bad unreliable cars - programming is much the same - good coding that will result in less bugs - and bad coding resulting in more bugs.

ALL of that, created by us mere human mortals. TLDR - bugs are inevitable and a creation of our own imperfections and limitations.


There’s a reason that good coding practices involve fixing known bugs rather than allowing them to accumulate: eventually, the app/site/game becomes too frustrating for the end user, so they abandon you and move on to find a better experience elsewhere.

The number of bugs in Vainglory is staggering for a game that’s been around this long and to me indicates poor (or nonexistent) code review processes as well as an organizational disregard for quality assurance.

To me, it’s the single most frustrating thing about SEMC, because it’s exactly the opposite of the way I am about my own code (and pretty much everything else I do :rbgwen:).


It literally took them a year and a half to fix Ozo’s acrobounce bug


well put.

Having observed the progression of bugs and length of time it takes to get fixed, I can’t help to arrive at the same conclusion as you.

I even dare speculate that they stumble upon the fix through the classic “trial and error”, due to some “fixes” actually creating more bugs or old bugs that was fixed coming back.


Considering I have dealt with debugging, I am concerned that maybe SEMC might have less than optimally organized code. If that it a case, then debuggingust be a nightmare for them right now. If their code is kinda a mess (Such as unorganized code piling up since launch) then maybe they should hire a separate team to take that code and reformat it on a separate file until it is ready to replace the old files to make debugging a bit more streamlined (And maybe even fix bugs). That’s just my guess as to what’s going on tho.


Their code is 100% a mess considering that Niv once told us that EoH and SM both have interlocked lifesteal passives and are just reskins of each other. I feel like this game was supposed to be simple until they realized the complex thing that they had created. And they kept on stacking code over and over. But the amazing thing is that the bugs they are fixing are fixed.

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So far none of the posts actually addressed what you said, so I’ll say something.

This patch literally has no tanks and is all about bursting, you got it wrong…

Yup. Looks to me like they went too far in the other direction.

So much for making items unique.

one thing I did notice in the last patch in the PC version - the total file size was SMALLER than the previous patch.

So your concern could be true. After adding a whole new hero, multiple hats and skins, the file size was actually smaller… meaning they’re actually debugging heaps of useless code out. But unfortunately, they still got heaps to go.

There are many similar graphics intense games that are much smaller in file size. Granted, this alone isn’t an indication of bad coding, but putting all these little pieces of evidence together, it is a fair assessment.

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