Dancing grumpjaw gif

SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME THW GIF I NEED IT. Im not even joking i need it so someone please?

the one that Hipsterskaarf made?

HEYYY IM BACK FROM THE DEAD and now look at this gif Grumps3

Umm you do realize that both your profile and Weepings one have the same ign.

Talk about exposing yourself :new_moon_with_face:

Of course i know my dude but i just responded to myself to people dont need to comment on my post and i get a ton of notifications

Also ive been spamming the crap out of this gif oh my god i love this thank you @HipsterSkaarf

I posted a few here. Take them and spread them through the world, my disciple. But use them only for good, not evil. This is the way of Grumpjaw.

Also, no alternate accounts, please. They cause confusion and make the forum harder to use because they mess with the ability to have legible conversations. WeepingWill’s account has been suspended FOREVER, and Sadiholic’s silenced for a day.

[quote=“HipsterSkaarf, post:6, topic:4980, full:true”] But use them only for good, not evil. This is the way of Grumpjaw.

BAD GUYS (grumpjaw voice) …



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A thousand years , wow
after thousand years

Hipster skaarf the 15th calling weebingwill the 16th (grand children)
Lil hipster : hello , the day has come , you can use your grandfather weebingwill account in vg forums .
Lil weebingwill speechless and starts crying nonstop : finally , my grandfather wanted to know how Yates changing the meta .

Error 404



I kept reading this as lil weebling

I am shamelessly stealing that image, btw.

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As long as you use it next time you suspend someone.


Exactly my plan …

I am stronger than that hammer >:^)

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When you fight against the flame, dont expect not to get burned