Damage Calculator for WP builds

I edited an old spreadsheet and added a few things.
You just have to enter the hero’s base stats,enemy armor and the number of items you have to get the deeps.

I hope I’m posting this in the right place and please do tell if I made any mistakes.

Original Spreadsheet by timelording.


Edit options seems to be not working. I can only view already entered values

That’s because I have them disabled.
You’ll have to “make a copy” and edit the values in that.

Got it to work. This is so good, I am mid tier and still mess up with builds a lot of times and this will be really helpful. Another question, same builds for different heroes will get different outputs in game right? Is DPS the main thing to look for or build for specific heroes?

Tbh if you’re mid tier you’re better off following a guide.
While this is good for checking whether you’d want a TT or a TM for your last item, I wouldn’t recommend just going for the “best build” since you’d want to adapt to stuff.
Like if the enemy has a krul or ozo(huge sustain) a PS is mandatory if you dont have other sources of mortal wounds.
And BP is very very good if the fights last long and you can hit someone to build stacks.

Yes, because everyone has different base stats so you can edit the Hero Stats and change them to the hero you’d like ti check the DPS for.

Updated for 3.8


Updated again :))
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Is the BAT still 1.3s?
I kinda remember them changing it but didn’t find anything on it.

Moved to Useful Resources, as this is a nice tool to have.