Crystal Power Vox

Does his resonance bounces proc frostburn and DE?

No to both. FB procs ONLY on abilities and DE only procs from direct damage through AAs or abilities. The res bounces are a part of his perk, so they don’t work with them.
The same applies to Petal and her munions

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Don’t Petal’s munions proc FB’s slow? They’re technically one of her abilities


No they do not

They specifically mentioned that petal minions don’t count in the FB changes

Nope, while her abilities do spawn and buff them, they’re technically part of her perk. The whole FB change not allowing her munions to slow anymore is actually the reason why she hasn’t seen too much meta play.

Oh well that’s good then. I haven’t really looked much into the changes lol

Lawlz, Vox would have full stacks in 3 basic attacks and be able to consistantly 1v5 if that was the case. He’d be absurdly broken.

I feel like he needs a little buff but Echo chamber and deep dash is pretty fun.