Crucible Priorities?

Whenever I’m playing support, I do a quick scan of the enemy team and take note of what CC dangers I might have to block. Stuff like Phinn pulls, Churnwalker stuns, Miho ultimates, San Feng glowy shiny wheels of doom, etc. Sometimes a game will have two or more high priority abilities that I’ll need to block, and I have a little trouble knowing what the highest priority is.

Right now, I feel like Miho’s ultimate is the most dangerous thing for the teams I’ve been playing with. Letting her get full marks on a group of players is just way too painful.

So, a couple questions for this thread:

  1. What’s the absolute highest priority thing you use your :vgitem_crucible: for?
  2. What’s your fallback for dealing with the second most dangerous thing?

All things being equal and normal (player skill, basically meta picks/bans, ability of players to get the most out of their abilities, etc), I’d say that Miho’s ult is my top priority, like I said above, so I’ll try to use my :vgitem_crucible: for that. I’ll usually try to get Cath if I’m up against a Miho, so I don’t have to worry about a Cath ult, but it’s possible I’ll still see a San Feng, who’s my next top priority in the hierarchy of things to block. In that case, I’ll get :vgitem_wartreads: earlier than normal, and hope I can block the Miho, then outrun the CC of Feng’s ult. If I’m up against a Phinn and Miho though, I’ll try to reserve my :vgitem_crucible: for Phinn, then hope to use :vgitem_wartreads: for a quick disengage if a straggling Miho ult comes in midway through a fight.


I usually block the first form of heavy cc mainly cause you can use blocks/cruci whilst being stunned so dont wanna save my cruci for a bigger threat then i end up getting cc chained.


Same, although I am super nervous about Mihos tearing through my team these days - and by heavy form, you’re considering CC that effects 2 or more players? So, not Koshka, or Ringo… maybe Tony’s taunt you’ll block if it’s locking down a few teammates though? Or would you let that one through?

Single target cc is very situational, if my main carry is getting koshka ulted and he’s way out of position then i am burning cruci for that. Its all about judgement, catherine stun is obviously not as devastating as an a 5 man San feng ult but if the catherine stun means a celeste B and gwen ult will connect as well then you gotta cruci the catherine stun. Thats why at least 2 crucis in one team is usually necessary, i always feel anxious when we only have 1.

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3 crucible teams are also quite common these days especially now that new heroes have tonnes of cc in their kits.

I am almost always playing off utility in jungle, or top, so I tend to just tell our captain to block the easier one (like Sen Feng or Adagio ult), since I am pretty confident in blocking churn, cath, or Miho ult.

If I am captain, I will tend to block the first threat that happens in a fight. If for example it is catherine, and miho, then they are likely to ult at similar times, blocking the first one I am aware of is almost always better as it has a good chance of catching both. Additionally, it is usually has more impact to block the first ability since your team will often be in a better position to handle the second threat. If you neglect blocking a 5 man silence you will still probably lose the fight since you will be a in bad slot to handle a Miho dive anyway.