Crits are underestimated

I feel as if the items that relate to crit aren’t used that much do respite being one of the strongest things in the game. After the last change that TM and TT went through you now spike as hard with 1 crit item than you would two, though a second crit item does give overall more damage it isn’t something to worry about.

You see people complying about the tank meta and stuff when they themselves aren’t trying the changes to their fullest potential. You build SB/SM BP and TM TM/TT. At the moment I believe that the best Vox build right now isn’t PS BP or SM BP TT but instead TM BP TT and whatever u want. I thought Kensei is a terrible hero but I was wrong on so many levels. I played 5+ ranked matches this season with him so far and though it felt like I was struggling it wasn’t until my latest top lane Kensei game where I went double TM that I put in work. I used to not be able to 1v1 ranged carries with him but damn I was able to blow Kinetic over and over.

The ADC is supposed to blow people up with single target damage, though there are kiting niches but those imo are inferior. Most bot laners in this game are dependent on their mid laner when they should be hypercarrying as well.

Its interesting how in 3s having two tanks was inferior because you would just be BP stacks for enemy. But in 5s it’s almost as if everyone has forgotten that. Sure Pulse is a thing but it’s only 200 damage and a bunch of health.

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Honestly, I believe the problem isn’t that crit is underestimated, but that attack speed is overestimated. People forget that the more attack speed you buy, the less useful it becomes. There are also those who see the animation move faster, therefor they must be doing more damage, which is nearly always untrue. Building attack speed is necessary but only to a point before you are doing your stutter-stepping a disservice.

So while I agree that you should build more crit, I disagree with the inclusion of TT in your suggested builds. Remember ( to all who don’t know ), that BP is based off damage and it could care less if you’re getting it from a flurry of tiny shots or decently fast, large hits.

This is a bad way of putting it. Here are the actual reasons 2 full tank will never be viable in 3v3 (unless something goes terribly wrong)

  1. Damage typing. If you only have CP damage or WP damage, the enemy squishy could build Aegis/MJ and counter you harder than Husk. They might even build both. This can be a major problem when they don’t die after your CC chain and then proceed to kill you.
  2. Less CC. If your CC chain doesn’t kill them, then you don’t go tank. Only one damage dealer isn’t usually enough to burst down a caught out squishy through husk, but two damage dealers can do the trick. Considering you don’t have a CC chain nearly as long, it’s a bad choice to increase the duration by a bit while halving your damage.
  3. Jungle clear. Since 3v3 is a much faster game mode, junglers need to be able to clear faster and better than in 5v5 to keep up with the other teams rotations. Damage clears camps, tank stats don’t.

TT was mostly for Vox specifically because of how he can take advantage of the speed boost he gets from it. Although JB mostly gets the job done hence why TM BP TM is good as well, it just makes me more comfortable playing a short ranged hero with both lots of movement speed and lots of attack speed, even though the crits are supposed to get the BP stacks.

What about for rona don’t build TT in crit build?

I think its better to keep the TT in her build (SM BP TT) since of the MsB it provides. Alot of the heros in 5v5 are way to slippery for thier own good and Rona doesnt have alot to catch up in her kit besides wasting her A, semi B and a boots. Which is a no go in my book.

Crits on a Rona is that impactful since shes not in a good spot as of right now, nor are other bruisers.

Crits are terribly underestimated. Oh gosh wp ardan with crits and sustain. You feel like you’re just facing a wall of pain unless you have a similar build.