Creating a forum suggestion sub


Right now you have forum stuff all lumped together, so a post about enjoying the forum is in the same place as a UI suggestion. Seems like those should be separate maybe.


@idmonfish @HipsterSkaarf must be at least 30 characters long :stuck_out_tongue: linking just your names wasn’t enough


I agree it seems like a sub category such as “website feedback & suggestions” would do the trick. Possibly a shorter name.


Good idea - will think on what other subcategories of this category make sense.


I’ve made a forum suggestions category now. For bonus points this thread is also now in it :wink:


Good idea. “Post must be at least 30…”


I’m going to write that on every <30 reply till the restriction is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw I love the new forum, and thank you for taking my suggestion.