Crashing Constantly?

I am having a problem with
Game is crashing constantly for some reason. At the very beginning the game would freeze and reload, which afks me till the guardians arrive. Just now I crashed 3 seperate times during draft, in the loading screen, and while I was farming early on.
My device is
Huawei Nexus 6p
My operating system is
Android 8.1

Do you have all apps set to not run in background and regularly clean your cache

I’ll try that

This happens to me, except it’s whenever I try to finish a match. It freezes and says connecting, but I have to reload.

If that doesn’t fix your issues please contact seems

The game always used to crash on my old kindle. Like at least once per game. It could be an android thing.
Now the kindle is too slow to play the game on anymore. (Even when I use dev. settings and not allow background apps)
(If it worked I could do more than 3/4 games without running out of power lol)

Now on an IPhone it happens occasionally before draft.

Have you tried porting full Android to it ik personally when I had a Kindle it would lag on even the simplest of things due to fire os

As for being an Android thing, not really even apple gets random bandwidth and ram hogs. The thing with Android is some of it is from carrier and manufacturer bloatware

Me keep crashing when using vc

My mic doesn’t work with vc for some reason. I can hear everyone but nothing from me.