Crash issue

So I was in the middle of my second game in a row.
We were doing great and one of our enemies started trolling early. This made it more of a 5v4 but that is not the real issue here.

We had the upperhand and were winning. Game was running decently not super smooth but no real lagg just some rubberbanding along the walls.

I died invading the enemy base and then I respawned but before I passed our Vain I had a 4499 lagg spike and the game froze on me. I was using my tablet.

Next up I immediately start the game on my phone and shutdown the tablet.

Loading the game takes forever (normally it is pretty fast) it takes me 3-4 min to load back into the game even thoughI started loading immediately on a different device.

I come back and while my team took some hits in my absence I help them set us back on track and it is a huge win.

I then get labeled deserter…
Past game I indicated network issues and rated 1 star.

How is this the score of a deserter?
How is it my fault that I get a lagg spike like that? It was server side because all other devices around me still had working internet without hiccups.
AFK is AFK but I wasn’t AFK I was thrown out by the game itself.

We should not be punished when we reload immediately.

I don’t want to get LPQ because I don’t troll…

I am not an expert in network programming by any means, but I’d think that there would be some way for the client or the server to monitor the quality of a connection during a match. (Whaddya know – the client already does this: cf. the ping meter!) If the ping exceeded a certain value enough times during a match, some consideration ought to be given to lessening its impact on determining whether a player gets punished.

I get why SEMC hasn’t done much on this subject, though, because it’s a potential Pandora’s box …

This was a single spike over 4k which froze and destroyed the game.

From less than 100 ping to 4k+…

Not my fault yet I get slapped with deserter…
Meanwhile I am one of the best performing members on my side.

I agree in this case, but to play devil’s advocate for a moment: Imagine a player on a team that’s getting beaten badly. That player decides to AFK and start a new match. Under the current system, if they do, they get labelled a deserter and possibly dumped into LPQ. However, if our proposed “excessive ping detector” system is in place, where a player with a high ping gets forgiven for an AFK, our losing player simply reaches over and pulls the plug on the router for a few seconds. Voila! Huge ping spike, and now our quitter can move on to a new match without fear of being labelled a deserter!


I’m actually in support of this feature. Because I’ve encountered 4 team party who deliberately had the captain go afk and log back in to abuse the afk forgiveness feature, just incase they lose. I hope that isn’t what you’re doing.

It’s getting way too common. I’m glad the afk’er still gets deserter after winning.

Afk forgiveness doesn’t exist for parties.
4 men parties are disallowed so how would one arrange this?

i wish i knew. I just know i witnessed it. beats me how it’s arranged.

edit, on closer inspection, i think it was a 3 party

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Sometimes it just works out that way. I don’t think its the best way Vainglory could do it though, but for example, say the captain crashes just before a teamfight that could decide the outcome of the game. (Because of Vainglory’s superior reconnecting, it takes much longer before the captain can rejoin) So, vg makes them afk so that the rest of the team doesn’t lose elo. I also thing you don’t gain elo in a win even though you reconnected.

This is bad because the reason it crashes in the first place was because vg made the app. Or it isn’t the persons fault because of lag. They shouldn’t be blamed for small things like that, only if they actually ditch.

Yeah look at my freaking stats, I was carrying both in kda and in damage as a captain…

Great synergy with the team too. Chaining CC and coming to eachothers aid.

I was shot calling and people were responsive that is so rare. I don’t think I got downvoted or at the very least barely got downvoted but still got flagged…