CP Joule - OMG too much fun

So I’ve been messing around in casual and ran into a VG silver player rolling CP joule (for shits and giggles I’m sure) but man that DMG is sick.

Her CPratios are far across the board, and when you dumb a frostburn combined with clockwork on the ult your basically melting teams.

If you not played CP joule in a while give it a go, it’s too much fun!

Spellfire with those works well too

Yeah spellfire, clockwork, frostbourn and shatter glass, your ultimate is up so quick, especially when you land it on an entire team…

Melting three people is hilarious

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I play her in 5v5 ranked too. Top or mid. Her early game is okay. Start with bit and boe keep boe until you finish your build this allows you to stay alive more easily especially when combined with CP buff…