CP Ardan Works?

I think this has been “meta” in SEA for a while or something, but I tried CP ardan in 5v5 and its fking op.

You can 1v1 Koshka at level 2 with WP buff…
So the build is 2 WP Blades to start. Then AS CW BM and SF if enemy is lacking WP damage.
The play style is actually quite similar to WP Ardan in Blitz, where you BFB, Vanguard someone so you get more vengeance and use Gauntlet as a BFB reset as well as landing it on someone for massive damage.
Give it a try and let me know how you guys feel about it.

It apparently used to be/still is a common pick in higher tiers in EA

In hypercarry and protect the carry compositions, but that’s because this region is not early focused as NA, where this strategy won’t work normally, they are more of objective control.

Cost ace the championship tho

3ooo char

Higher tiers =/= pro games?
Pros can make anything work because they are really good, but off meta picks aren’t always the best choice, tho that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

It’s our guilds third best top lane pick, behind WP Grace and Bap.

We use them because they’re consistent, and can babysit themselves.

CP Ardan is legit and it’s terrifying.

that was 3v3 tho… the buffs help Ardan scale wayyyyy faster and he nukes people with the punch vanguard punch combo with double buffs, which will usually be the enemy ones

Tried it and was the second highest damage dealer in the team. I think FoR is better than aegis as shield values for aegis was reduced and you get team utility with FoR.