Coven 2021 - Starts 12 Aug

Coven event theme :point_down:

Something wicked this way comes. Like whispers in the dark, the Old Gods stir once more to breathe promises of glory and power in the ears of their devout followers. But only offerings of blood strewn on the battlefield will appease them. Their loyal Coven must once again rise and assail the wooded shelter of the Elderwood to claim vengeance and rebirth for their fallen idols.

Your dark quest begins on 2021-08-12T20:00:00Z and will continue until 2021-09-14T06:59:00Z . Missions will commence at the start of these ghoulish rites and end 2021-09-14T06:59:00Z —though acolytes will be able to spend tokens until 2021-09-29T06:59:00Z .

Full event details:

Splash art for the new Coven skins in this thread:

Skins are available now in the store!

Finished all of the free missions this morning … in < 5 days :smile:

EDIT: annnnnd just passed the halfway point of the event pass missions … in < 5 days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: