Could I get a quick meta rundown?

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been active on here or in VG for a long time (mainly due to personal issues and the decline of interest in VG caused by them), but I received an iPad today as a gift and having a good device to play on has brought back my interest in VG. Anyways, could I get a quick rundown of the current meta? I have taken a look at all the changes from the last time I’ve played (3.6), but I’d like to actually know how the changes and additions have affected the meta and what the current meta heroes and builds are. Thanks for any help and I hope to come back to the game and community for real this time.

Anka is good but overrated, Ardan is strong, all captains are strong in fact (or most of them anyway) Magnus is pretty strong, Idris is broken. That’s it in very brief.


Also, if you haven’t played since 3.6,you might want to check TB, SC and SS, as they had reworks. Also the new defence item Celestial Shroud. Shiversteel is almost a WP Frostburn at this point, TB is a late game item, Shroud is pretty good against mages, but also against Krul.


Yup, I saw all the item reworks. They’ll definitely take a little bit of getting used to for me.

Idris is broken??? I can easily kill him with Lorelai or ringo

If the idris is bad sure, but Hybrid Idris has, according to some EU pros, no counter.


Best picks for every position:
Mid: Vox, Skaarf, Celeste and Magnus are top tier. Samuel and Varya are okay-ish.
Support: Churnwalker, Lorelai, Ardan, Phinn and Lyra are top tier. Yates and Adagio are pretty good as well.
Bot lane: Kinetic, Silvernail and Hybrid idris are top tier. Ringo and Vox are decent-ish.
Top lane: Anka, Grumpjaw, Lorelai and Ardan are top tier. Flicker Yates and Adagio are solid as well.
Jungle: Churnwalker, Anka, Grumpjaw and Skaarf are top tier. Ardan Samuel and Malene are very viable picks as well.

But her barrier , stun and pool empowered. I think she is fine on her own

I played against one yesterday, and an ally Krul, a Skaarf and I (on Anka) Could not take him down 1v3. You would not believe the starface pings everywhere when he finally died to Skaarf’s burn only after acing us for about the 10th time.


Then the idris was bad. He should had been able to kill you easly if he wasn’t snowballed. He is, after all, an assassin, and ranged.

Hmm. I never seen any idris this patch being op despite being hybrid. Any videos of eu players or stream i can look up to?

Idk who plays him, probably Hundor. You can also watch HellsDevil being destroyed by him XD

Hmm alright. Have yet to counter any op idris players in sea…

Excoundrel made a video recently with some good info.