Concept Art for Aislinn & Winter

For National Novel Writing Month back in November, I started a novel about a young girl named Aislinn who lived on a very cold world called Winter. For various reasons, I fell behind in my writing and didn’t finish the novel by the end of the month. However, I’ve been thinking about returning to Winter to tell more of Aislinn’s story.

I based my concept of Aislinn’s appearance on this beautiful painting by Jane Nane:

As some of you may remember, I’ve been working with 3D stuff for a while now, and since my drawing skills are limited, I thought I could create some concept art through tools like Maya, &c.

I’ll be using this thread to post my progress in case anyone’s interested in following along!


Here’s a quick render of the 3D version I’m working on …


Messing about with making some simple clothes for her in the trial version of Marvelous Designer 8 … lots of fun!

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I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working on her face: among other things, I made her cheekbones more prominent, set her eyes a little deeper, and made her lower lip a bit larger.

The lighting in this render is the same as in the one above, but I changed her pose a bit. (I like this one better.)


New materials, bump and normal maps for Aislinn’s eyes to make them more realistic.


These are really nice! I have no idea how you can use these programs, I never could. I remember you talking about NaNoWriMo back then and I did sign up but also got distracted, but I still have both that story and others which I’ve been working on, and actually just finished a short titled The Juggernaut yesterday! Feel free to read and tell me your thoughts!


A full length render to show what the rest of her looks like! The clothes are off-the-shelf stuff I had in my library – I’m about to start work on some gear more appropriate to the story, but these show her figure better than coveralls and furs would.


Learning MD by making a simple coverall (following this tutorial by Madina Chionidi). It’s an amazing program!

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Did some work on her hair texture as well as the render settings, so I did this one at high resolution. I’m going to try changing the rendering engine from Iray to Octane next …


We’ve left the studio! Here’s a render from this morning’s messing around trying to create a believable outdoor environment.


It started snowing and she was getting cold, so Aislinn put her cloak on for this one.

Details of changes from previous image
  • slight adjustment to Aislinn’s pose
  • added a cloak with draping via cloth simulation
  • repositioned her hair behind her shoulders
  • increased the color temperature of lighting on her face to better match environment
  • turned on depth of field for the camera (simulates a 38 mm lens at f/22)
  • added some snow effects in post-processing in Photoshop
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Today’s project: learning Substance Designer (in order to create custom textures)

Edit: Okay, Substance Designer is freaking awesome … :star_struck: