Community tournament: Talentless Blitz League [SEA]

Hi, I’m hosting a community tournament. Here is some info:

Region: South East Asia

Event format: Single eliminations, best of 3, finals best of 5.

Game format: Blitz with no talents, 3v3 standard drafts (Simulate drafts in private 3v3 draft, then use the same draft in private blitz).

Teams: 32 Teams (3 players + 2 optional reserves per team)

Date: 25 Aug - 30 Sep

Prize: 4500 ICE

1st: 2700 ICE

2nd: 1200 ICE

3rd: 600 ICE

Registration and more info in my discord server:


Oof I would join, but I’m NA :’(

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Same, this sounds like a blast.