Commmunnicatttion (Secret Varya info)

Credit to Vyzeox on twitter

Why wasn’t this on the hero page in the ability section???

This isnt useless info either :man_facepalming:

I swear this game gives me a headache :mask:

Also the link. Twitter post Its confirmed by Zekent


I know what you mean. :man_facepalming:

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Well people also don’t know that Baron’s ultimate reveals all enemies hit.

But that’s something more on a simpler level.

7.3 to 8.3 in range is something powerful in VG. Its like how that -.5 on Celestes A drastically affected her. I could rant more but no

Nice info but maxing her A and C skill still superior

Actually, most players Max B instead of A.


Really? What for? The CDR and extra length is unnoticeable if you ask me.

You Max B and Ult not A. Her A isn’t main source of damage. Usually you don’t even use it unless you dash.


It increases the range of the dash.

Actually I found a lot of missing info about abilities/exact numbers of some (like “short speed boost” but how much and for how long is missing). For me personally this is a mistake, especially in a “competitive” game… quoted as they killed that.


Considering they brought the “enemies revealed when they take damage” a few patches back, is baron’s ult anything special?