College Football Playoff

Let’s talk sports! Do you follow college football? What are your thoughts on this year’s 4 selected teams and their respective match ups? What do you think or the college football format in general?

I am personally a Wolverines fan but I am still following the playoffs.

I think Clemson will ride Trevor Lawrence’s arm all the way into the fourth quarter and the Fighting Irish will stop kicking pretty late into it. Clemson wins.

I think Hurts is forced to start for Alabama and although he is a great QB, he’s no Tagovailoa. Murray will have to play lights out with that garbage can of a defense he has to haul everywhere. This one will also be close in the fourth quarter, but the Sooners will uncharacteristically play defense for once and come away with the huge upset.

Leading up to the last game, everyone will be talking about how the Sooners’ defense is FINALLY back - just in time for them to crumble at the hands of an inferior QB, Trevor Lawrence.

Clemson takes it.

I just wish Dwayne Haskins wouldn’t win the Heisman. I hate Ohio with a burning passion.

You think Haskins has a shot? I think he has no shot. I think it’s going to Tua. Which is weird how the injury and time missed doesn’t seem to be impacting his reputation and image. I think it should got to Murray hands down, but it will go to Tua. Haskins will be third by a mile.

I like your breakdown, but I think Tua is ready to play by then. He doesn’t need his leg. His arm and receivers will tear OU apart. Bama’s defense is good enough to keep OU in the high 20s. Bama scores over 40. I think Clemson beats Notre Dame as well.

I honestly don’t like the playoff system. There was an artcile, and now I can’t find it, that had a great solution.

Get rid of conference championship games (that’s right). They’ve become meaningless and don’t maximize profits for schools/conferences. If Alabama lost to GA, they’re likely still in. Clemson vs. Pitt? So boring. Notre Dame gets extra rest? OSU vs Northwestern? Boring. UCF vs Memphis? Please.

Instead, take the final top 8. That’s your quarterfinal. Put it on conference championship weekend (or one week later to give a little more prep time, 2 games Fri night, 2 games Sat).

These match ups are WAY more exciting. Highest seed gets to host (conference of that team still gets some money, and that school gets way more money, still incentivizing winning your conference’s regular season title to get a higher ranking and winning as many games in general). THIS would have been AMAZING:

1 Alabama vs 8 UCF - YESSS! Finally, UCF can put it’s money where it’s mouth is and the country can see them play. David vs Goliath. If they get blown own, everyone’s point is proven. If not - upset of the century!?

2 Clemson vs 7 Michigan - your wolverines get to play! Classic match up of great d vs. great o. Storied program vs modern day power.

3 Notre Dame vs 6 Ohio State - two classic powerhouse programs going at it. Again, defense vs. Offense.

4 Oklahoma vs 5 Georgia - smash mouth vs razzle dazzle.

All of those match ups have INCREDIBLE fan bases and are far more excited than conference championship games. You have the two best teams from two power 5 conferences (OSU and MICH and BAMA and UGA) instead of having Northwestern and Pitt playing over that weekend) and the Big 12 and ACC conference champ. Pac-12 misses out again, because well, they blew it. You get two at large bids with UCF and ND. This would have been epic. Winners decide the semi-final and we kick off the bowl games. The losing teams still get to participate in a bowl game.


Bama vs Clemson in the finals and Clemson gets blown out. To me the National Championship game was Bama vs Georgia.

What makes you think this Bama team blows out Clemson? The last 3 match-ups have been nail-biters! Clemson’s offense is better. Bama’s defense is worse. Clemson’s defense is stout, to try and slow down Bama’s much-improved offense. This time, also, Clemson can’t be caught by surprise by Tua coming off the bench. I really think Clemson takes it back. Amazing rivalry that is unfolding. If this happens, 4 straight years, 2-2, all meetings are national championships - ha!

I just feel like Bama’s offensive side of the ball is so much better than in years past and now that Tua finally had a “bad” game he will be on fire in the post season. I have no hair in this game or any of the playoffs this year ( or any time soon ) since I am a Gator fan. I just felt like the Championship game this season was UGA vs Bama and that was as close as its going to get for Bama this season.

Clemson has an unknown in their freshman QB and he could light it up or the biggest stage he is ever going to be on in CFB may be a bit much for him this early in his career. Different people have it impact them differently. I would LOVE to see anyone dethrone Bama. I just don’t see it being this year with Clemson or Notre Dame. Oklahoma to me has the best chance at beating them out of who is left.

The dude’s been a stud all year. Clemson’s D is nasty, especially their front 4. I give them a way better chance than OU. Bama can score 45+ easy on that D. Only time will tell! What are your thoughts on the idea I shared regarding removing conference champ games (conference winners/runner-ups just decided on end of regular season overall conf. standings) and then having top 8 show down that weekend to decide the semi-final?

Here we are! Clemson vs Bama!! What are your predictions for the game!?

I may have put too much faith in the Sooners, but I knew Clemson would take it - what a GAME

It was awesome to see Clemson dominate like that. Even down one or their defensive stars. That QB is truly special as I alluded to in an earlier post. I wasn’t surprised Clemson won at all. I was surprised in the manner in which they won. A total beatdown! They’ll be better on offense next year, but not sure about defense. Already looking forward to next season!