Churnwalker likes fishing apparently

Was playing 5v5 with churn. Threw a random chain over the river and it got stuck lmao. Next match the chain remained stuck and it was this way until i restarted the app.

Fisherman churnwalker skin or rito!


i see you were playing phinn. was the mean fisherman hunting you, my poor fishdade?

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I’ll gonna try this out
Is there some certain moves or items that you did before this thing happen?

My guess is 9k+ ms would work.


The same happened to me! I was wondering if anybody else had noticed this one.

this happened to me, I think what happened was I was in the middle of chucking a chain when I died. Not quite sure, but it definitely had something to do with me dying, because the chain appeared going from Churny to the spot I had died at when I respawned.

One thing is that you should be in the river. Second thing it always gets stuck in the same place. I was trying to hook a fleeing enemy and it just got stuck. I didn’t die or anything. Plus only you can see it. My mates on discord couldn’t see it

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You catch anything good?

Victory after intense 40 minute match with no armories left.

This has happened to me too, I think it might be something to do with Cams. I hooked a place that I knew there was a Cam, but my hook didn’t come back.

I still want Summer Party Churnwalker with octopus on his head that will throw tentacles (No i Don’t)


I sure do, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all week and now I’m obsessed with this idea.

Happened to me, not in the river, in midlane. Mates couldn’t see it tho, I agree with you on that one.

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Ok I’ve got another one. It’s Grace this time, occasionally after using her B, the ring that appears will remain around her and travel as she moves.

Ballerina grace skin or RITO

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