Chat is not working

Whenever I party up, the chat will refuse to work until I complete a match with the party.

Apple Ipad Air 1

ios 11.3.1

Chat is broken so often I am amazed when it actually works. SEMC is aware of this issue (and have been for months and months and months) but nothing has yet been done about it. No clue when they plan to address the issue, which appears to require a complete rewrite of the chat function.


Is that an apple issue?
Chat in draft always works for me.
Before the match too.

It’s the out-of-match chat (guild chat, team chat, and party chat) that’s broken. Both Android and iOS clients.


I haven’t experienced chat issues in ages…



This has been an issue eversince I started playing VG. I don’t feel like it’s an issue anymore, it’s the norm I tell myself. I almost don’t notice that sometimes it works. :joy:

Chat has always been an absolute nightmare, on both Android and iOS for me.

That being said, I don’t talk to anyone on it anymore.