Character limit and badges



Confused about 3v3

Uh ignore that pls, and give me my badge. :upside_down_face:


What badge like bruh im so confused on this new forum right now


Discord has broken you my friend - this is a place which celebrates long form, lasting meaningful communication :wink:


gib trophy


Im just happy im not using reddit lol


No pls boss sir 30 character Op


There is a list of current badges here:

You basically get badges for doing things in the forums - like posting your first emoji or being helpful etc.

Think of it as like the forum titles in the old forums - but sooooooo much more. And we will be adding many badges over time as well.


We were cluttering up that thread so I moved us over here


mod aboooose ban idmonfeesh (give like so i get trophy)


wow never had a thread get this much replies lol


Yes sir, by the way give me your acc pls, I need to bless my eyes with these visuals


I am totally not going to like this


give trophy


is that what your gonna talk about the whole time


after i get past the limit and get moar trophy


Yes boss sir, I would write just yes but 30 char got me gud


I think I’m getting claustrophobic


You can kind of “abuse” the limit by adding emojis, but I don’t like adding emojis in serious posts and I already feel like I just encouraged something bad.

I think maybe a 20-25 character limit is fine.


I’m basically thinking give it a week then run a poll and see what people think.