Chaos Queue effecting BR as well?

Been noticing it for 2 days. While my queue time has reduced to a measly 15 secs, the quality of fellow team mates (including enemy as well) have dropped to a pathetic T3s-4s.
Few thing to note,
All I play is BR, occasional Brawls, 1 3v3 Rank match when my tier starts to decay and no 5v5.
This also means that I pretty much know most of the players I play with/against in BR and are in my friend list.
Back to the topic, before all of this my queue timing was fixed at 2 mins (it was so on point that I didn’t even had to look at my phone to press accept before 1:55).
Starting yesterday, queue time is non existent along with team mates skills, ridiculous amount of ping usage by team mates and pretty much lv10 vs lv2 Talents showdown.
BR is a quick game and I get that but if there’s a guy in my FL, queuing for the same mode, in the same tier, pretty close talent lvls and is actually a good player then just let me queue with him instead of a T4 who don’t even know how to position well.
This may come out as salt but I’m not salty (reason I didn’t post it in salt mine).

They made a change to the matchmaker recently to reduce queue times, presumably also increasing the chance of unbalanced matches. It’s quite likely that the change affected all modes, but I’ve not seen any dev state that explicitly.

I think the matchmaker is headed in the wrong direction, personally.

What? My Q time is still 5 min + and I still get T8 T9 as my teammates

I feel like they’ll revert soon. I think chaos queue is for new players to get quick games, but it’s obviously detrimental when a T9 rage pings you for being clueless which isn’t your fault (not gonna lie, that T9 is me trying to win the Skye event with bots as teammates). A bad decision all round imo.

I agree that that’s probably the idea. I hope they revert it soon as well.

I’ll second that.

m8 chaos queue been affecting ranked since 3.1

Chaos Q affects “casual” gamemodes, including 3v3 cas, BR, and 5v5 cas.

Blitz is considered ranked so it is exempt.

Basically, blitz and ranked are now super sweaty because poor noobs are getting paired up with higher tiers, annoying everyone. Nobody asked for chaos q nor needed it.

Anyhow, the effects of chaos aka cancer q have vibrated into ranked, pushing unskilled players to rank more, and peeling away protective layers of the underlying booster problem. T9 Gold has shown a complete lack of drafting skills, basic team comps, countering, and anything you’d expect in a higher tier.

It’s awful.

I feel that terrible matchmaking will kill this game faster than any other single factor.

It’s gotten worse, not better over the last few months, and it’s a disaster at the moment.


Wholeheartedly agreed.

Semc shouldn’t have sacrificed quality for quantity, or in this case time for quality.