Champions Legion

Anyone play this MOBA? I’ve been playing it. I enjoy the in game statistics and API. Seems to be all Spanish-speakers.

@VaKTaBi @Guest_78 - you guys hear of this game?

First time hearing about it lol. Might give it a try when I have the time (in in the middle of the final exams).


Won’t lie, after wild rift hit moble I am done with all the other MOBAs (it’s that good) + as a bonus it will not shutdown just 2-3 years after I spend literally something like 1000 euro and owning all the heroes and at some point skins (VG).

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Sorry for the late reply >.<
Nope, i haven’t hear anything. Im not that much into MOBAs anymore. My interaction with games is now reduced to Persona games and Gwent (though this only in Youtube, i don’t have that much time to play seriously)