Champion Roadmap - June 2020

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Why am I so blind :wutx3: :upside_down_face:

Anyways I hate how Mundo looks so hopefully if he has to look like a offbrand Hulk, he’ll look better with a newer model.

And about the new jungler, the ability animations looks whimsical so I feel like its gonna be a fun character like Neeko.

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not that i play league but i like the sound of a dream character and a skirmisher. smoke and mirrors tactics are always my favourite 2017?? cp kestrel was ideal
onmyoji arena has a dream-themed character who also can turn into a ball to roll at people
Yumekui | Onmyoji Wiki | Fandom
I’m not sure how influenced by Japanese folklore league is but I wouldn’t be surprised if this hero was a baku too they are very cool