CC based comps

Played against this team and the cc chain was absolutely brutal. An ordained into taunt followed by core collapse or tony stun, the cc chain helped rona to chase me or red mist targets easily. While this team had insane cc there might be other teams which can have more cc potential while not giving up on damage potential. Something like an Catherine/churn(roam), Tony(jungle), baptiste (top lane), celeste(mid lane), vox/Gwen(bot lane) for a team in which every member has some cc. Cp Baron might be an absolute beast with a cc chain comp because he fares better against still targets and even the best dive comps might have difficulty diving this ridiculous amount of cc.

Yea, cc comps are pretty annoying. (I recommend that when you post something like this that you should always cross out the names.)

Ok, I thought that applied only when pointing out someone. These guys played pretty well and I wasnt shaming them, if not for some build mistakes they could have won the match

The problem is that samuel. You don’t have to say a word to see he is absolutely horrible.

Cath/churnwalker/tony captain.
Celeste/Joule Mid
Lance/glaive/Tony bot
Baptiste top
Glaive jungle

How in the world did your team allow them those heroes?

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I didn’t expect it and that got through. I got cced to death 4-5 times in the first 10 mins and that was when I realised the threat that comp was. My roam didn’t get a Crucible so it was hell trying to dive that Celeste or just kite away from rona when taunted. The good thing was that they blew all their cc on me and my ally koshka could dive in freely

That’s still pretty meh. Try Cath SP, Glaive Bot lane, Tony Jungle, Celeste Top lane and Baptiste Mid lane.

Or just like my post above saying the exact same thing.

There are better CC comps, try mixing in Grace,Lyra,Celeste,Tony,Kestrel,Glaive etc…

You can get chain cc’d so easily, you’re as good as dead if two stuns land.

Went with a cc heavy comp in a recent match and the chains were brutal, that idris was the only one who had no cc but he was ripping apart stunned/slowed targets with ease. Having 3 cc based heroes with 2 damage dealers seems good, there is only much cc even the best reflex blockers can stop.


Get to a point where it’s impossible to reflex block everything. Chained CC is a nightmare for laners… one of the reasons o think Celeste is the meta laner right now, she has a low cooldown stun which CS be spammed and huge AEO potential.

Time to play Lane Phinn hahaha