Catherine is now the ultimate fanservice hero till Koshka gets her SP skin

Her new skin has boob physics when she sprints…that is all…


Perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for. I will play this skin and this skin exclusively from now on.

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Noticed that on Anka as well. The quality of the in-game animations is increasing – you can see the difference between early models to the newest ones. Really amazing.

if boobs is the parameter…

why koshka?

The opposite of boobs…duh

You’re into scapulae? You sick, sick man…


Scapulae? I thought he was talking about her cat ears!

Furry scapulae. This is looking worse and worse…


Uuuuh I was talking about her elbow

I got SP cath(the red one) from 2nd try on new content chest. Played one ranked game. Already one of my fav skins. Her recall is the best lol.

Just tried my luck with the Summer Cath chest – got her on my fourth (and final) try!

Someone give me a link to a video on these boob physics.

Don’t have VG? You can use practice mode since u can use all the skins on there

omg… how about lyra’s boob

30 characters

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FYI, I’d strongly prefer we don’t link to Facebook if at all possible. They are a privacy nightmare.

Also, this topic has just about run its course. We can move on from discussing the effect of gravity on Catherine’s breasts, I’m pretty certain.


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