Catherine Build and path suggestion for 4.4

Now Cath is slighty in meta.

While I am getting use to her, can you suggest Catherine’s build for specified path? Like top and Jungle.

I don’t really need to know her captain path because I am a captain main… so yeah…

I second this.

Im wondering if I should reuse the Top Tank Tony/Flicker build from back then or go more CP items instead of defense. For top lane ofc.

I don’t prefer using catherine in top lane mainly because she is easily vulnerable in top lane against 2 eneimies. She have to risk herself to farm. I prefer lorelai or malene in top lane mainly due to their safe range.

As jungler I SAW :vgitem_stormcrown: :vgitem_aftershock: :vgitem_pulseweave: :vgitem_rooksdecree: … Utility with :vgitem_aftershock: basically