Carrying some new players past a duo

I had to put in a lot of effort to pull off this win, but the way the Vox and Grace played, I refused to let them stomp these poor newbies. I’m really happy in the end we managed to band together and win teamfights. Gg, my friends!


Who were you? I see a bad player on either side… And 2 decent on either side too…

I was the Koshka. My teammates were decent but Baron kinda forgot he could autoattack for a while and Catherine just jad a hard time standing up to 3 full WP enemies.

Your cath was pretty solid though. You weren’t the only one pulling his weight.

Their grace was as good as your Baron and their Grumpy was horrible.

So it was more a 2v1 in your favour…

Did you take a photo of your screen with another camera? :thinking:

I have an ipad that doesn’t have all my passwords and such saved and my phone, plus the button placement makes it hard to properly screenshot. Two or three times now I’ve accidentally hit the home button while trying to screenshot, losing the scoreboard forever :frowning:

I know that pain, man. I totally understand.