Captain does not mean midlane

Let me say this one God dam time if I say captain Lyra that doesn’t mean I want to be Midlane. I prefer captain flexibility not stuck in the lane. Now this might sound strange but I’m better at a captain build Lyra than lane especially Midlane. I hate mid laning

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That doesn’t sound strange to be lol.

The captain position used to be called Roam for a reason… the captain should be moving to a lane which needs help and sometimes picking off jungle farm that the jungler kills.(ambient gold/exp) If your mid laners sucks that much that you need to babysit that lane they suck. Dying occasionally is okay but having to babysit a lane is a big no no for the laner.

Or did I misinterpret this and you picked roam Lyra and they told you to go mid?

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Actually both situations. I understand if the mid is getting constant 2 to 3 enemies occupancy staying there more but I enjoy being able to move where needed and going to another lane to hold it down when someone is shopping

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it depends on who the opponent mid laner is VS whoever your mid laner is.

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Well when my midlander decided to leave the lane they were playing Melane I was Lyra vs Lance and skaarf

The other situations I was first or 2nd pick someone already said they wanted mid I went captain halfway through draft I say we need a mid they tell me to go mid while no one picks a captain hero or build one and sometimes we don’t even have a jungler

well, possibly the player isn’t skilled up in using Malene? She is quite tricky to use, but yeah, it’s not fair to leave 1v2 if there’s no swap.

if there was another hero that was suitable to midlane, then swap.

Even if they were bad you never leave a captain built to heal you alone in the lane for most the game

Sadly there wasn’t and I suck at mid laning

did Malene take the crystal buff at least? it helps so SO much.

No and I didn’t even get a free minute to snatch it

lacking vision and rotation. Play midlane long enough and you’ll learn where to place vision, and another overlooked factor: when to place vision.

The crystal buff is easily contested, so straight off the bat, 2 or even 3 players should be on it in the beginning, letting the midlane take it.

it’s only when you get a greedy jungler that things don’t go to plan.

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Especially a greedy krul I seen one take wp buff and both sides could buffs

There’s also the “too good, too proud” syndrome, where the mid Laner deliberately doesn’t want the buff.

I’ve jungled so many times. ping the crystal buff, ping the mid laner… no response.

Sometimes i even attack it to within a slither of health… then just stand there tanking hits… nobody comes to steal it. :sweat_smile:

Oh god. I have literally had to die at blackclaw before to get a teammate to come to it while the enemy was at ghostwing my team all trying to push their own lanes and the jingler in the enemy jungle

I think they don’t even understand. If they thought they’re too good they’d be taking it even if you didn’t let them.

yeh, it’s a complex equation of many things combined together.

I’ve also encountered Rage Ping Junglers who litterally Max their pings out each and every time you even step foot in the jungle, as if it’s theirs.

I can’t help to think there are some timid players who just don’t want to step on any toes and rather just farm lane, than offend the Jungler.

lack of knowledge, is another. players don’t read guides. etc. watch videos. ask questions.

I’m sure you can think of even more reasons.

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