Capacitor Plate

So this item provides some unique utility:

450 Health
30 Armor
30 Shield
15% Cooldown Reduction
2.5 Energy Regen
Passive: Your heals and barriers are 20% stronger
Passive: Your heals and barriers also grant other allied heroes bonus movement speed for 2s. (10s cooldown per hero)

Guess my question is this, does fortified health constitute a barrier? I’m assuming yes as Nivemett mentioned this item being useful on hero’s like Phinn (his B ability). If this is the case is it not going to become a mandatory item on hero’s like reim and Kensei who have fortified health and barriers? If so will it not make them tanky monsters? A 20% buff to Reims fortified health is a huge deal…

If it does affect fortified health, it is 20 percent of what Reim is already getting, not a +20% ratio. Did I read what you are trying to say correctly?

I see this as a mainly support item, as it also increases heals you give. However with the current state of armor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on Reim. It has cooldown stuff, some extra health, and a bit of armor to help make WP not quickly destroy you. But still Aegis must be used for reflex block, so it will replace MJ.

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For Reim, remember that the FH he gains from the passive is capped, so I’m not sure if the new item can ignore the cap.

Copied from:
Capacitor Plate costs 2100 gold and builds out of Dragonheart and Chronograph. It provides 15% cooldown reduction, 30 shield, 30 armor, and 450 bonus health along with two powerful passives.

First Passive: 20% increase to any barriers, healing, and fortified health that the hero has or applies with their abilities or items.
Second Passive: Applying barrier, healing, or fortified health to an ally grants them bonus move speed for 2 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.

Doesn’t it work on allied units not self?

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It looks like the speed benefits allies, but the 20% increase benefits anyone. BM article recommends this on several non-Captains. I really want to try this on Ozo. His base heal of 100 on TRC with 3 hits is 300. His perk is 25% and CapPlate is 20% for 45% more healing. That takes his 300 to 435. Add a SM and I think he is going to be super strong next patch. I could even see a weird SM, SpellSword, BP, CapPlate, Aegis, HC build. That hits the 45% CDR cap. That gives him a 2.7 sec TRC which I suspect will out heal the SM, TM, TM build over a longer fight.


Plate should make CP Ozo quite strong as well. The combo of defensive stats, CDR, and heal/barrier boosts will help him last longer in fights, use his abilities more often, and make Acrobounce slightly safer to use, all just from a single item, which is really amazing.

Niv confirmed that the FH he gains is still capped

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What about reza etc, there are a lot of barriers in the game.

Rona FH isn’t capped? Idris barrier isn’t capped? Aegis > any other defense, but I think MJ is dead on some heroes due to SH and some of the new items.

Idk I tried it on krul and really didn’t see any difference on his barrier or heal

the new items are cool and all but it’s just a little much that now once again, any hero without a gap closer or movement speed bonus gets screwed, again/:

Yes capacitor plate definitely works on ozo. I run some tests in the practice mode where I bought serpents mask at first and I auto attacked the middle treant. I was getting back 16 heal for every auto attack. Then I bought capacitor plate and my heal went up to 19… same goes for 3 ring circus. I didn’t notice any difference on tony’s or idris barrier though… we already know this item synergies with lyra ,phinn,Ardan and adagio. I have no idea about the rest of the hero’s though…

Guys this is one step closer for Ozo to become meta. Ozo or bust!!!

Hadn’t thought of Ozo yet. Wow just wow he will be totally insane.

Capacitor plate Slumbering husk tb/SSw SM BP JB