Can't Check Quests For Some Reason(FIXED)

So I just updated vg, and the first thing I noticed(after getting all of the skins I wanted lol) was that I couldn’t check my quests. This might be because of the new ui throwing me off, but currently I have no idea on how to check your quests besides finishing matches.
Edit: Problem solved, nothing to see here folks.

It’s the little calendar looking thing in the top right. To the left of settings, news, and academics.

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Found the quests. Thanks for the help!

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Holy moly, I had no idea that’s what that was. What a dumb icon for quests … :man_facepalming:


I think it also had deals or something like what it would show when you opened up the app with the old UI but now it’s just quests :confused:

Yeah the emplacement of quests is the only complaint I have about the layout. Really unintuitive.

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