Can't Check Quests For Some Reason(FIXED)


So I just updated vg, and the first thing I noticed(after getting all of the skins I wanted lol) was that I couldn’t check my quests. This might be because of the new ui throwing me off, but currently I have no idea on how to check your quests besides finishing matches.
Edit: Problem solved, nothing to see here folks.


It’s the little calendar looking thing in the top right. To the left of settings, news, and academics.


Found the quests. Thanks for the help!


Holy moly, I had no idea that’s what that was. What a dumb icon for quests … :man_facepalming:


I think it also had deals or something like what it would show when you opened up the app with the old UI but now it’s just quests :confused:


Yeah the emplacement of quests is the only complaint I have about the layout. Really unintuitive.