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Can't buy deals


I have €6+ on my account but can’t buy a 4,89 deal that would nett me the battle pass…

I contacted support and they state they can’t help…

Google tells me I have insufficient funds because 6<4…


this is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. support can’t help. google says 6 is less than 4. what the heck.

did you already try clearing cache, reinstall, restart and all that? lol.

What about google support?


I have no idea about google support and have never used it let alone find it…

I restarted the app and restarted the game too…


um, sorry… I can’t seem to find any method to chat to a real person… there’s a “send feedback” form. maybe try that?

all the way in the bottom right corner.


Wow devs said they can’t help with something they made. What the heck. Unless it’s a google problem.


it must be a google problem cause if google doesn’t detect 4 euros in your account there is hardly anything devs can do about it


It was probably a glitch. 4th restart just did it and now I got a battlepass for 4,89 :slight_smile: