Can you please add a mute all button?

Please add an all mute button. Rage pinging in 5v5 drives me bonkers and selectively muting takes to long if multiple people are rage pinging. I would rather just have a quick access button that turns off all pinging. Maybe even add a function that let’s people know they’ve been muted so they can get the jist that spam pinging is annoying af.

Ty much…


I actually think letting people know after the game has ended that they were muted (and tracking that data) might be a useful way of modifying their behaviour in the future.


I like this idea @idmonfish
Sometimes ppl doesn’t remember how toxic they were and got angry when someone else being toxic to him/herself

+1 for letting people know after the match.

I’d add though, I’d only want this if muting wasn’t available all the time. Some players mute their teammates right at the start, for no reason, so getting a message after the game that you were muted would be misleading. Maybe the mute option is only available after a player has pinged 40 times, or exceeded a certain number of pings per minute? Or, the notice at the end of the match also gives the actual time you were muted? That way you’d know if it was totally irrational, or if it actually was something you did. I think I like the pings per minute gate most, since that seems like the most productive behavior to model.