Can you help me on Vainglory Discord Server?

I created a suggestion on Discord server of Vainglory about Blueprint system. Can you help me, please? Just leave a :opaf:.

Although I very much hate the Blueprints system myself, I strongly suggest for you to put some more real effort into the post. Even if 90% of the community agrees with you, I doubt SEMC will ever revert it back.

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Thank you for support me. I did something like this on Reddit but someones tell negative things so i sent a suggestion to discord server. :cry::cry:

As much as i liked the old card system. . . i don’t think it would be a good idea going forward.
plus i think SEMC just won’t go backwards.
They will figure out how to use those cards in an awesome new card trading game (i hope).

on a related note:

this was one of the most requested / complained about things from the VG community. This just makes US look like a bunch of complaining fools who don’t know what we want. Lets just stop complaining :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good luck with your petition. i’ll put a vote in. :grin:

I didnt see the note :joy: :joy: :joy:

I sincerely believe that you can get 10000 signatures and they still won’t change it. I would think that RNG is a real money maker for them. If it was not, they won’t be creating a new one every chance they get. So I don’t think it will happen unless they outlaw this thing which some countries are trying to do.

What happened on Reddit?

Im just tring my luck. :happy:

I can say “some people said bad and stupid things”. Never mind.

Reddit in a nutshell.

Blurred text is blurred.

Hahaahahhhahah :joy::joy::joy:

Well that’s reddit. I made a thread asking semc to shed some light into something that can be good info for community and community down voted it. XD

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