Can you even have a proper match that lasts more than 17-18 minutes un 3v3?

Koshka. Vox. Krul. If you are any good with any of these heroes, you are gonna snowball the game from the very first minute and it has already been stated in this forum before, coming back in 3v3 has become impossible anymore. I have been playing a lot 3v3 since I don’t have a golden ticket, but it’s barely even fun anymore, you either get destroyed or destroy them, no in between. Getting wrecked is obviously no fun, but also winning without a challenge (especially if you are playing koshka) is just as bad. There is no balance anymore, and that’s how it could all go downhill.
But what should SEMC do to balance the heroes for both 3v3 and 5v5? Well, in my opinion the best thing is to not do that at all. There’s no way you could keep balance for two such different game modes, so simply tear them apart. Give heroes different stats for the two main game modes, and maybe 3v3 will continue being played, otherwise this amazing game I’ve been playing for more than two years might get past her peak and slowly become only a part of the past.

Blame the kraken.

She became greedy. Doesn’t pay up when you spank her.

Seriously though no gold when killing incoming kraken enables snowballing…

Most of my match gets through the peak of 20:00.
I think people in low rank always want to kill each other so they let other team snowball them and let them win fast

Well, i wish that applied to lower ranks only, but I am vainglorious buddy. I don’t think players at this level are bad enough to just go for the kill even when they are worse. It just doesn’t work. Maybe you have some good players to party with, so you manage to handle the unbalances with coordination somehow, but solo que is hell. It’s never been this bad.

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2 gamemodes 1 patch. Nivmett has told that 2 for 2 is impossible due to space issues. You’ll have to deal with the issues.

Issue fix is simple. Buff defense. Vs 5 incoming damage sources defense makes littlw difference yet in 3v3 it makes a relatively large difference. Being able to mitigate certain strong heroes through tanking up should work.

Killing Kraken gives no gold now???

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Koshka and vox are broken in 3v3 try wp alpha seems very strong.
Can’t do much anyways the next patch hits in a couple of hours hope some changes can balance them out.

Huh Really I don’t think so maybe a bug but I still get gold after killing the kraken

I want new Def items my riem was walking near a bush in 5v5 and 5 ppl from enemy team just blowed him to zero in a matter of few seconds.
Hope they bring in more shielding item maybe without a reflex and anti crit item

Indeed you get nothing when an enemy sends it your way. It is a guaranteed snowball.

CP Vox is cancerous now, whilst I agree that Koshka fun Krul are broken it’s not as repressive as Vox. Once he has two core items DE/AC your DMG output is insane, I’ve yet to finish a match without having DMG in excess of 80K. Literally no counter to him short of good time wide coordination and even then you need specific dive comps (thinking alpha and fortress etc).

Koshka and Krul are certainly strong but they still have weaknesses which can be exploited (petal for instance, or a decent Baptiste into Koshka).

In higher ranked matches with draft definitely :^)

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