Can we Please Get Shield pierce back and make it stackable?

I just want it back Cp sooo sooo lackluster man like I get items I go into fights feeling like jeez let me be lucky enough to even take 1/4 of this guy hp before my team gets rekted hard as hell

When shield was stacked I could really handle business sure id die fast if caught but if not it was reeeekt them number ;0 was amazing I thought varya was gonna be awesome she was then nerfed she was never the same like I don’t play her she look cool I kinda like her ult wish it was like a big dragon as wide as adagio ult with a Ringo type effect full shields pierce cause how fire that op but not lightning

CP is strong, maybe you are plying mages wrong? There is no need of stacking piercing, even more, we need a stronger shield item similar to MJ.

Impossible impossible how can u play mage wrong… is that even possible ^^ mmmm maybe

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Form my experience, we rather need more shield lol

What hero are you using? And the build? Against which heroes are you experiencing this?

Varya damage not looking good to me neither is Samuel …:frowning: samuel!!!

glances at anka

Yes, we need 3 bm 90% shield pierce stat!


Build? Enemy heroes?
Don’t expect Samuel to have a lot of damage during late game, he is an early game hero.

I lovvvvvvvvvve the way you Think

I used to carry games late game as him before shield change

I still carry games with him. But what’s your build?

Dragon eye,CW,energy boots, shatter glass,ageis and either fb or SF

You don’t have BM? Then how do you pretend to pass through the shield?


The current piercing system is more effective against high amounts of shield and armor than what it was back when it was stackable you got your facts wrong mate.