Can we have the profile and user card background a bit more transparent?


The black box really ruins the point of having custom background, specially the card background, is it possible to at least reduce the transparency of the box? if you don’t know what i’m talking about, look:


There are many backgrounds that i can’t use because the transparent box ruin them, i know that this isn’t important at all but i really like to look at details.


I like it like this. It prevents a background from being to distracting and if someone had a bright background, you couldn’t read the text on it like their name or other things.


It doesn’t need to be removed, just a bit less so you can actually see the background.


Agreed. The point is the information in front of the background, not the background image itself.


Not even just a bit less transparent? Backgrounds are worthless i guess.


I am with DarkSoul. Yes, the information in front of the background is important, but a transparency toggle in Settings could be added to allow the owner of the said background to determine which is more important. It wouldn’t have to be see-through, just a range of nearly transparent to opaque, depending on the person.


Its certainly something to explore - but not at this stage because it would almost certainly add quite a level of complexity to implement and no one version will suit everyone.


Realistically, that’s just not going to happen.

We will likely be adding other theme options in the future. If we do, you can choose one that you like better, though you should understand that even if we do that, other users aren’t necessarily going to see your card the same way you do, because they may have chosen a different theme.


Yea, I guess it isn’t realistic - was just a thought. Honestly, the transparency doesn’t bother me.


My Shrek card back wants to be seen more my doods


That is because of technical limitations right? I think it uses the same transparency as the whole web.


No, not a technical limitation. The idea is that the text information in your user card is the most important thing, not the background image. So if change is made, it would be to make the text more legible, not the background image.


Perhaps make it like a header and profile sort of Facebook esque?


The solution is simple what @PinkiePie said is the best way to fix it, however I assume this would literally be the last thing to do on the priority list.