Can we get SEMC staffs to create account here?


just to make sure they know what are we suggesting and think about the game. can also put special tags on them just like old forum and reddit


They are welcome to join here. If/when any do, they will be designated as Devs.


No. If they ignored us before, they won’t listen now.


They just closed down our forum, I promise you, if they wanted to hear this group, they wouldn’t have done it lol


I don’t think we should hold grudges however.


Not saying they shouldn’t feel welcome, I just don’t think we exactly need to be sending out invites lol


At least two have already joined, I expect more will.


I stand corrected. Interesting really.


only send invites to the useful devs (forums wise. i know that they’re all crucial to the game)


It is.

Neither were invited both joined off their own bat - because they are interested in what the community is talking about (I contacted each of them to verify that it was them and not someone playing around impersonating them before I gave the account the title and the Dev group access).


Wasn’t it the community admins (like mejlis and thorin) who made that decision? Nivmett said he had no word in the matter on his ama thread. :thinking:


It was a company decision - I am sure that mejlis and thorin were consulted but I am also sure that the decision was effectively made higher up in the company.


If the decision was higher up, and the Devs who frequent the forums in greater numbers weren’t consulted, it begins to make sense.

Which Devs have migrated already?


I kinda don’t want to call them out because as I said its not an official thing and they just want to check things out - so I want to leave it up to them to decide if they want to be active or not.