Can we Get a Grace counter part?

I love grace she pretty cool damage reduction heal slow gap closer She a paladin

Can we get a counter part for her? Not a counter to her but let’s say uhhh and this coming straight off the top here just snowballin…a death knight? Prefer blood powers or frost powers

Takes reduced damage has a slow don’t really need a gap closet ult is Aoe massive dmg depending on missing hp? Or true damage based just a thought We need it make it happen

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you mean a hero that’s the direct opposite to grace?

death knight like in dota? with some kinda corrupted life steal that use’s his own health to activate, rather than energy.

yeh i think that would be pretty cool. there’s plenty of variations on the “death knight” theme.

instead of a AOE stun / damage… it would be some kinda acid life decaying cloud / aura.

instead of a massive single heal, it would be a life leech.

Some kinda perk to do with him not being able to be healed. if Grace tries to heal him, it’ll deal damage instead of heal.

yup, I can see it happening… if only they got the creativity and the ballz to pull it off.


You are a genius:grinning: hahahaha

So, churnwalker + epic talent + steroids?

Yeets is very similar to Grace actually