Can’t post in guilds D:


I can’t seem to find a way to post in the guild section of the forums. The topic doesn’t seem to exist if I try to post from the main page, and when I go into the guild category, the post button becomes unresponsive? Is posting in guilds disabled?


So you need to be in the group for the region you are trying to post in - you join the group by going to the hamburger on the top left and then selecting “group” there is then a list of groups - and the regional ones can just be joined.


Hi! I was wondering whereabouts the “hamburger” on the top left? I can’t seem to find it


It’s next to my handsome face :slight_smile:


ahh sweet!!! thank you sir! got it! when “hamburger” was mentioned, i was thinking a hamburger shaped icon or something :smiley: