Can’t believe i deleted the game after so many years

I know, i know. Whining because i don’t like changes that have been done. I figure that’s what this forum is for?

I’ve been playing forever. There were 25 less heroes in the game when I started. I just can’t seem to get with the removal of ARAL.

Never liked Blitz. I prefer somewhat longer gameplay. I’ve been 9gold in both 5v5 and 3v3. But always came back to ARAL for a fun, somewhat quick game here and there. Rumble is not that. I’ve tried. I’ve tried solo, with guildmates, with different heroes. I gave it a go to see if it could sink in. As it is today, it doesnt for me.

The guild system is broke. Now talents are kind of pointless as well. Sure, i have had 2-3 decent Rumble matches, but they were few and far between. Farming talents isnt worth it. I dont have time for 5v5 on a regular basis. And now there is no interesting and fun gameplay.

So this pre-Lyra / Gwen / Sam player is moving on. Will probably check back in a few months, or maybe not.

Thanks for the fun, time to move on.



I think he meant #vainglory-discussion:the-salt-mine

I suppose that’s possible. Regardless, I find these sort of posts to be particularly pointless.

For you maybe, for the one doing it, it can be good withdrawal therapy :wink:

No, I actually mean for the community. I don’t doubt it could be cathartic for you, but it certainly doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to the rest of the folks here.

Isnt the Salt Mine for that? Expresing frustration without expecting any discussion.

There’s a difference: He’s leaving. The post is basically complaining and walking out the door. How is that useful or meaningful in any way to the rest of us?

I also find it telling that he stuck around long enough to read some of the replies. That just confirms my belief that these sorts of posts are a form of attention seeking.

Sorry, but that’s not what this forum – or even this category – is about. I’m closing this here.