Can Capacitor Plate stack? NO! I think)

I saw this tweet today.

It’s supposedly a broken build on Lyra, assuming CP’s passive stacks.

  • Warthreads
  • Crucibile
  • Pulseweave
  • Capacitor Plate x3

So, I did an experiment. I replicated the build in Practice Mode, resulting in 5503 HP. I took turret damage and healed myself. I got 58HP per tick.

I then replaced the Capacitor Plates with Dragonhearts because they yield the same HP, 5503. I took turret damage again and healed myself 49HP per tick.

^^^ Yeah it gave me 49HP per tick because I didn’t build CP at all. The correct comparison would’ve been 1 CP and 2 Dragonhearts. I tested it just now, and it gave me 58HP- the same heal amount as 3 CPs.

IT DOES NOT STACK! Unless I’m missing something

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Nope its broken.

Just 1 of them feels broken already. imagine multiple in a real match…

Even the other point of stacking them for the stats is legit.

How does stuff like the pass PBE…

I am gonna buy 4 capacitor plate + war threads and crucible. Hehehehehehehhehe

isn’t 20% of 49 = 9.8 ? so 49 + 9 = 58

if it did stack then it would be 49 + 9 + 9 + 9, because you built 3.

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yes hotfix

i tried with krul’s B, one basic + B when maxed out is 180 heal, with capacitor is 216, i tried getting multiple capacitor plates but still 216, so not bugged and no need for hotfix (unless lyra is thr only one who could recreate the bug? or lifesteal doesnt recreate it?)

Thanks for the clarification! I corrected the thread👌

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No. Passives never stack, only pure stats. otherwise things like triple TB or FB would be insane.

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Yeah I was aware of that. But then I did my “invalid comparison experiment” and convinced myself that it does stack for Capacitor Plate. Too good to be true :cry:

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It still is stupidly strong and building multiple can certainly be justified…