Callie, the Tinkerer

Calliie is a close friend of Ardan’s and a genius Technologist. She created several useful gadgets to help against the rebellion against the Storm Queen and is a well known outlaw among Monte Lillie

Callie does not have the absolute strongest presence early on, but in the late game her abilities really start to shine. When two abilities are overdriven, both abilities gain a massive buff.

Perk: (Tinkerer)
Whenever Callie uses an ability she gains a stack of Tinkering. When she gets up to 3 stacks, her next ability grants her a move speed buff as well as empowers her basic attacks by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

A: Wall Gun
Callie shoots out a wall in front of her horizontally which allies are not affected by. However, enemies may not walk through the wall, but they can dash through it like any other wall they can dash through.

B: Suppression Mine
Callie tosses a stealthed mine on the ground that grants a very small amount of vision which she can detonate at any time by re-activating the ability Including the moment it reaches its destination. When detonated, the mine slows all enemies within its radius and deals CP damage.

C: Force Field
Callie channels for 1.5 seconds and creates a force field that blocks any abilities and ranged basic attacks shot from outside the dome into it and vise versa. Allies are not affected by this effect. Heroes like Celeste ARE also affected.


  • When her B is overdriven as well, the wall pushes enemies away from it when created and deals CP damage to enemies affected. Additionally, enemies that dash through it are damaged
  • When her C is overdriven, the wall grants allies that walk through it a move speed buff and a barrier


  • When her A is overdriven, the mine snares enemies for the duration
  • When her C is overdriven, the mine deals DoT which scales with CP after it’s detonated and stays in the field for 5 seconds before disappearing. Enemies that walk through the AoE are slightly slowed as long as they stay in the radius


  • When her A is overdriven, allies are given CC immunity for .5 seconds after the force field is created. This effect also applies when allies go through the borders. Allies cannot re-activate this ability for 1 second after the duration is over
  • When her B is overdriven, the force field deals DoT which scales with CP to all enemies within the borders and heavily slows enemies that walk through the borders as well as deals CP damage


its scarily close to one of my own designs. but i like it. the perk is nice and unique and the portable wall thing is something i have wanted for a while.

Really? What was your hero design?

here. not too similar but the a’s are too close. our minds must be on a superior wavelink, obviously.


Name: Wand

Species: Black Gythian (that live on Archelion (this guy is like Lance))

Position: Captain

Attack: Ranged (shoots magic from his wand)

Wand is a Gythian Mage that uses intangiblility to protect his allies.

Perk: Explosive Technique
Wand’s abilities explode and do full damage and effects to whatever is caught in the radius. Wand uses Stamina instead of energy. (It is same as Lance)

A Ability: Nullify
Wand targets an enemy projectile (Hellfire Brew, Hellrazor, Solar Storm, Basic attacks, One Shot, One Kill, Nulwave Gauntlet, ect.) it becomes intangible and cannot hurt any allies. All effects still take effect. (Example: Hellrazor still stuns and slows but no longer does damage. Using his perk if he targets the middle star of solar storm all stars get nullified) (frostburn effect takes place)
Overdrive: You can use Nullify on Gythian Barrier but Gythian Barrier lasts for less time. If you use Nullify on Gythian Barrier no enemy projectiles pass through it.

B Ability: Gythian Barrier
Wand makes an invisible (to enemies) wall. (About as big between the jungle shop rocks to the doubles minion camp). Allies can pass through it but enemies take damage and a knocked back and stunned for a short time. (The Explosive Technique perk explodes from the entire wall). Each enemy can only hit this barrier once but can still be affected by someone else hitting it.
Overdrive: If three enemy heroes get stunned by this at the same time this has half cool down and the cool down of Nullify is reset)

Ult: As Hard As Rocks
Wand can make one wall intangible to allies. (Explosive Technique explodes from the intangible wall)

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Only the wall is somewhat similar tbh lol

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i think the abilities are way too strong when you need to contest an area (dragons, turret, etc)
for example, if you put a forcefield around a dragon pit then a wall in the entrance, your enemy has to dash in and face the possibility of getting all in-ed and die, if you pair it with lyra’s b, they’ll just be sitting pretty while they wait for the effects to go down, and even just, say, 3 seconds? of all the effects up that’s still a lot of time to damage the objectives (especially if you would have all your carries damaging it)

you could also use the wall to block off enemies in the laning phase so they miss some cs (rip)

I like the lore and the abilities. However I feel that she’s a hero that I would want to play a lot and for the reasons being that she does a lot of crowd control and too much utility. I mean you can pick and choose which ones to overdrive but it’s a bit too overloaded with the snare, the move speed buff, the barrier.

Maybe take out some things as right now she is pretty broken.

Well each Dragon only has one entrance and you can still dash through the force field. Granted I definitely see the powerful synergy she has with Lyra. I added channeling to the ultimate, but what do you think I could change with this? Should I change the snare to a short stun? Maybe the wall could only stay up for a short duration? Maybe 1 and a half seconds?

Either way even without Callie if u dash in you’re getting all-ined regardless lol. Callie only really counters heroes with sniping abilities like Celeste or Kestrel, but heroes can still risk dashing in to steal an objective themselves like they do right now. Granted, she can also close off an entrance depending on the vision she has, so she can close off paths for heroes she sees coming

I will give a more in depth critique tomorrow as your hero is very complex and interesting. But does feel a bit overloaded. So I need to re-read everything before I can give proper criticism and advice.

I’d give her B multiple charges, or just a way of placing multiple mines without detonating them… I don’t know how tho. (maybe similar to Celeste’s A; you can place multiple mines, putting two in the same spot detonates them). I love the Ult idea (and the A, tbh). However I don’t quite understand how her Perk fits into her kit, her only damaging ability is her B (at least before overdrive) and it has CP ratio; so her WP path doesn’t seem amazingly viable. Maybe give the empowered basic attack CP ratio, or CC of some sort (or both) so as to Make her CP and Captain paths both stronger.

Edit: I forgot to mention I really love how the overdrive combos work.