Buying a new Tablet May 2019


Hi all, first post here.
I’m shopping for a pair of new tablets for my kids; their favourite game is Vainglory. As I’m buying two, I tried to keep the budget down to $100 USD, but quickly learn I’m going to need to stretch to about $150 USD per device.
Any suggestions as to what to buy are very welcome. My only stipulations are it has to be Android, and I’d prefer to go with 8 inch devices.
Thanks in advance.


I would say go for Samsung devices because vainglory care about Apple and Samsung more than others , because semc now about crossplatform so there is a risk of buying other android devices without testing how vainglory works there , and for sure look for good ram and good storage device .


Whichever u buy just make sure it aint Huewai


That’s actually funny because semc now focusing on the Chinese market , but I don’t know .


google wants to ban huawei… maybe huawei will use chinese os, and vg probably can’t be installed there…


Yeah I know , but it’s funny that we aren’t recommending Chinese devices while vainglory is working on the market there , I didn’t mention them in my post because I don’t know what is going to happen , like semc now is not updating their game requirements , if you go to their website it still says old devices work while they are crashing , so I don’t know if they actually working on mobile devices or giving up on them for crossplatform .

Are they going to make vainglory work on the Chinese os , no idea , we don’t know if they going to focus on mobile again , but they already made decisions there so they probably going to stick to what they planned and work with the Chinese os.


Chinese market is huge, if u enter it correctly = instant millions. We are going way off topic.

OP, i recommend goolaging “affordable tablet for gaming” and check among the results.


Nope , vainglory is not like other games so you need to make sure the device run vainglory , even if the device run other games it could run vainglory but very bad , like I know from just reading the old forum help section constantly that time , there was a lot of reports about devices not running vainglory properly , and that time semc was making sure the devices they support work fine , now they going crossplatform , so I think if you buying the device for vainglory make sure the game supported on that device , don’t be like that guy on Reddit who bought a device and discovered is not supported then he wrote a thread asking semc to support that device , rip your money .


So a big problem I’m having is that the supported Android devices link is broken atm. SEMC has been really good about getting back to me, but I don’t want to waste all their time asking if devices will work. I’m looking at the Samsung Tab A 8", or the lenovo Tab E 8 or Tab 4 8. All of these are 2 GB RAM and Android 7.0 or later. Thoughts on this path?


Here is an older list of supported devices, I would recommend emailing them about their broken link tho.


I think they all good , i didn’t use Lenovo before , so I have no idea if their devices get heat from playing a game like vainglory , vainglory changed after the crossplatform some people say it drains the battery fast for them.


I did. They’re working on it. We’ll have to see when they get it done.


Vain glory no longer supports 32bit devices for a while now. This basically means avoid older devices.