Buy VainGlory Inspired Swag


Hi VG peeps!

I’m pretty excited to announce the all new swag shop for the Vainglory Tools site!

It’s got faux/parody inspired artwork that you can slap on some swag (from shirts to hoodies to mugs and stuff) to make your own unique gear. You can also just pick up some pre-made swag if you’re in a rush!

New designs will be added often, so be sure to look out for your favorite hero inspired swag!

The proceeds for the project go directly to the tools project and a new project called IVGPA (the International Video Game Players Association). The IVGPA will work for players and gamer parents to achieve fair and equatable standards for gaming communities around the globe.

Have fun out there!


Yo I want a Krul Fest hoodie so baddd :metal:
Someone hook me up pleaseeee I’m broke


I love the shirts.
Have you run this through SEMC to see if it’s alright?


I’m really glad you asked this! REAL STORY incoming!

I had a business partner reach out to SEMC, but we never got a response.

Which was a bummer, because in the beginning I had planned to work with them to bring icons like the weapon axe, the crystal power icon, the carry/jungler/captain icons, and all of the ping icons to an on-demand printer.

I wanted the community to be able to build their own shirt designs by using in-game icons. I figured it would be good for guilds and teams without sponsors especially. I also wanted to give SEMC an alternative revenue stream vs RNG revenue. And I really really wanted our community to have physical gear to wear around IRL, and thus help promote the game… in an organic way.

In the time I was waiting to hear back from them, I just started to make graphic designs based on words and the lore and not the icons themselves. As it turned out (surprisingly to me lol), I could do this sort of design work all day! I LOVE making these! I have hundreds of ideas, and just need time to do them all.

Also in the meantime, I consulted some friends I used to work with at a fashion company, and some intellectual property lawyers I know around the country.

Interestingly, they all said that the designs I’m making are far from infringement. It’s referential, but not duplicative. They’re actually pretty generic. They also in no way infringe upon existing IP declarations, because I don’t use the likeness of any hero or character in the game nor any trademarked game logos or marks. I just use words/lore, and then design around those constraints.

And yes sure I made my own rendition of SAWs mask and a Ringo and Gwen icon. But those are just meh versus the more graphic stuff.

Otherwise, many of the words in the game interestingly can’t be claimed by SEMC. For example “Ringo” is also the name of a film… and “Blackclaw” is a common and existing phrase. “Krul” is a common family name. StormGuard is an actual copyrighted industrial product itself lol. And so on.

In the end, we will have to see what they do. If they want me to stop, I will totally comply. I’m just trying to help the game and the community overall with whatever skills I have. Keep in mind that this swag doesn’t make much money. Hundreds/thousands would have to sell for me to ever pay my rent from this.

All of that said though, I really hope it’s ok by them.

But really, I hope they take the time to see how much of an opportunity what I’m trying to do really is… because fans get endless options for swag, community artists like me can create endless design flavors, AND SEMC could even make revenue from any of their icons/art, too. Plus the clothing itself, becomes a walking advertisement. The community has been BEGGING for better advertisement for years.

So I did my best to both design and deliver a win win solution.

Many thanks and sorry for the WOT.


Now all I need is an actual drum of StormGuard Motor Oil :grinning:

My Alpha needs it.


Totally :slight_smile: it’s super fun to think about all the stuff our heroes need… like when not putting in work!


I want a Mont Lille hoodie more than anything :cry:

Everything looks so awesome though! Is everything from the lore/game? I can’t remember where a lot of the keywords/inspo would have specifically come from.


I’ve always thought that if SEMC actually tried to make good merchandise, they could sell pretty much anything that they put their logo on (like Supreme).
SEMC has a very loyal playerbase and a cool name and a simple logo.
Slap it on a brick and sell it for $500 and people would probably buy it.
It only needs to work a few times anyway…


I hope very much that they consider letting me help them. I have all of their logos and iconic art ready to go!! Maybe if the community helps me to let them know… we can make it all happen together!


I can make one for you! Check back later today and it should be up for you! (Also don’t forget you can create your own if you click the “create” nav link!


Ok there’s some new Mont Lille hoodies up now for you!

And I forgot to answer your question :frowning:

Yes! It’s all based on either lore, skins (and alt lore), the community (like my ode to VONC with “No Fear Just… Fly”), and the way we all play certain heroes. Basically I get an idea for a hero, then I go to the lore page and Re-read everything, work out the graphics needed, and then put everything together using important but not totally obvious words from the lore!

It’s a lot of fun. I think of it as sorta like making visual jokes and dad puns for my favorite games :smiley:

Hope you all like them, too!!


excuse me while i try to get enough money for the halcyon salt shirt


I feel you! Even though I make the designs, I still have to save up to buy a shirt, too.

BTW tho… the printing company (Spreadshirt) does deals each month. So I will try to let folks know when there’s a sale coming up!

Also, YAY!!! I was hoping somebody liked the salt design!! Totally had a smartassed grin on my face the whole time while making it!


Dude this is an old thread and I don’t know how I found it but add this :

  1. a group picture of zekent and heroes smiling with a big text says (they all balanced)
  2. edtheshred with a mean smile sending a flying kiss with a big text says (bye 3v3)
  3. surpsiebirthday in a burning room with a big text says (matchmaker?!) and he responds with (it’s fine)
  4. nivmett sleeping like a baby hugging a pillow says (2.8 update)
  5. sugar venom with a worried sad look talking to a random vg player with a big text says (you know nothing , new player) .


He hasn’t been on the forums in about 6 months, so I’m closing this thread.

Also, it’s not legal to use people’s likenesses without their permission, so …

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