Buttery Smooth?!?

With all the focus on 5v5, I haven’t seen much discussion of a few issues I’ve encountered in 3v3 since 2.12 (and which are now worse in 3.0) – the main one being the horrific and unpredictable drop in frame rates.

I have had several matches in the past 2 days where the frame rate has dropped so badly and for so long it was like watching a cheaply animated cartoon.

Anyone else seeing this? It can’t be my network, because I haven’t seen it happen in 5v5.


Nope only issue with 3v3 are the broken power pick hero’s…

For christ sake ppl don’t let them get CP Vox!!

I’ve been getting those frame drops for a while now too, and my wifi is really stable. It’s pretty annoying. I also sometimes get this thing where I crash right after the 5v5 loading screen and a bot takes over my hero.

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now that you mention it… it did happen once… but i shrugged it off because I rarely play 3v3 these days…

it was like i instantly froze in time and teleported 5 seconds into the future. With no explanation of what happened during the 5 seconds…

I thought it was just my device issues, but now that i think about it… 3v3 ran perfectly smooth before the update…

Paat couple days, I’ve been seeing comical numbers - saw 42,789 fps just last game. My network is just fine and runs everything else to perfection.

Yeah, I’ve noticed significant drops in frame rate when I play 3v3. The real challenge is actually getting into a 3v3 match within the scope of my patience. 20+ minutes multiple times just for solo queue is ridiculous.

time for the buttery smooth meme to come back

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Servers are probably overloaded while the engine isn’t optimized yet.

29 minutes lol, I have been getting some 5-6 min waits in soloq, pretty annoying

i just had a ranked 3v3… before joining my ping was under 100ms… in game, stayed at a constant 350ms…

how lovely to have such bad ping on top of frame rate drops…

needless to say it was a total loss. Even the enemy felt it… just camping outside our base after all turrets down… farming KDA.

SEMC better get their server fixed. upgraded. I don’t freaking care if they need to bribe an alien race for better technology… just fix the goddaym lag~!!!

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Just to make this clear, and help with isolating the issue: Frame rates (usually) have nothing to do with your connection, be it ping or packet loss.

A frame rate drop is the result of a graphic rendering problem.

I have not played proper 3vs3 matches, lately, but noticed nothing in brawl modes. So this might be a device-specific issue, if indeed related to GFX-rendering.
What I did notice, however, is terrible server performance, which resulted in rubber-banding, freezes (not frames, just gameplay) and complete connection losses.
This may look similar, but being precise about it helps the folks at SEMC with searching in the right places.