Bursting Alpha 3 v 3 Build

Starting items: Hourglass and Energy Battery
1st item: Build into Aftershock
2nd item: Tension Bow
3rd item: tier 2 boots
4th item: Stormcrown
5 item: Metal Jacket or Aegis
6 item: Metal Jacket or Aegis

Made by: Smexyboi
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This build is crap and Alpha in general is a bad hero, at least right now

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SG, DE or BM, CW, Defense, Defense, Boots

alpha is not a bad hero right now? she was fine when i played her…

That build is horrible, it won’t do a shit against anyone.

Terrible, atrocious build. No offence. Standard build is already strong enough- Aftershock, dragons eye, broken myth, defence and boots.

Listed in 4th place on vgpro. Troll pick only.