Bug Reports - my suggestion

With a new, more developer-isolated forum and no VideoVillian, we need an efficient way to solve and report problems to SEMC.

Here is what I suggest:

  • We keep a wiki of all known bugs, their status, game version, fixes, etc
  • If someone on the forums reports a bug that has not yet been reported to SEMC (according to the wiki), one person should be assigned to report and keep track of the status of that bug.
  • We also need to keep track (as best we can) of bugs found and reported on other platforms (Reddit, Twitter, etc)

Hopefully, by doing this, we will help both SEMC and the forums community.


Great idea - I mean technically we have a @VideoVillain but seeing as he is here as a community member it seems a bit rough to expect him to do this.

I’m not sure how we verify that a bug has been reported though - any thoughts?

I think short of access to an actual issue tracker like JIRA (which is what SEMC uses internally), a wiki is an excellent way of putting reports in one place.

We should probably make a new one for each patch I guess and check off the resolved bugs.

Maybe create multiple-choice list somehow, with a rundown of known bugs for a certain patch, which can be checked off by users based on their experiences?

I already have a running list of bugs I can post on here and keep track of whether they get addressed in the following patches like in my bug hunt thread on the other forums. You guys can do what you want with the bug information to organize it better.


That sounds great! If you start the post I’ll make it a wiki.

Alright, do you know which category is the best place to put it?

Help! I think is the best category for it.

I still have the ability to talk to my peeps at SEMC, but no capacity as I had before to actually do much of anything. I can’t log JIRA bugs, check them, I don’t have access to the back-end anymore to see player info/logs/etc. So I won’t be much help beyond participating just like everyone else :smiley: But I’m happy to participate!


Hecc cause the minimap screen jerk thingy still needs to be addressed kek