Bruiser/Assassin metas are the best metas

When Snipers are meta, you get killed from range by completely undodgable autoattacks. There’s little you can do about it. They kite backwards and you’ve lost half your health by the time you’re even on them, and you’re dead by the time you’ve scratched them.
When Mages are meta, you get outranged and CCed —> Blown up by their A and B. There’s little you can do about it. You get CCed eventually and fall over and die.
When Tanks are meta, you get run over by several unkillable monsters who throw their base damage onto you and can duel you despite not building any real damage. There’s not much you can do about it. You pop your CC, they don’t die and they steamroll you.

However, during a bruiser meta, although it may be toxic, there’s more room to counter bruisers because of their inherit weaknesses. They aren’t fully tanky and are taking a risk when dealing damage, they can be outplayed with teamwork and they mostly fall off late game. The toxicity would still exist because SPLITPUSHING, but this is actually somewhat possible to remedy through number changes to the turrets.

Assassin metas (group screech), although even more toxic, has greater counterplay. Assassins are squishy and if you can lock them down (Yes, you can lock Anka down. Pick Cath, it’s pretty great). An assassin meta would likely offer the greatest diversity in character choices and would also be the most dynamic meta possible.
Problem is t4-9 soloQers don’t like getting one shot.

Anyway that’s my TED talk give thoughts below.


Imo we only have like two heros that are snipers which are/is CP Kinetic or Kestrel.

I would like an actual Sniper based hero but u know, probably wont happen

When I say sniper I essentially just mean marksman but yeah, I get what you mean.

I’d love to see a more sniper like kit. 5 second CD AAs :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t mind a bruiser meta. In my opinion, an assassin meta leads to nothing but everyone building SH and rage quitting when they’re one-shot

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glances at the assassin class.

Looks like a raid that totally ko’d the entire team

Anka lost most of her power to chip away tank health, koshka got nerf city’d, taco cat got dead horse beaten again, but hey idris is good i guess.

Basically, the definition of cp got murdered by nerfing high damage fast casting.

Agree. A 3-4 WP/CP item bruiser meta is the best. They are my favorite type of hero to play and the healthiest for the game.

I would like to see SEMC further lean into item differentiation by widening the gap on BP for melee and ranged heroes. This could be balanced with increasing the number of stacks for BS to give the item more of a ranged/dps advantage.

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I hate talking about the meta as a specific role. The game should be balanced to the extent where there’s at least one hero of each type who is meta, to make the game actually interesting and versatile. It can’t be that hard.

I do see what you mean tho. If you are to have a meta specified like that, Bruiser is probably the best, partly because they require the most skill to play. With heroes like Glaive, Krul, Ozo, Reim, Bappy, to some extent even Kensei, Tony and Grump, you really need to know what you’re doing. You can’t just yeet in and out like with an assassin, or just hit enemies until they die (cause they have less health than you) like with tanks. Snipers and Mages can be a good meta, but they need to be able to go up against melee heroes, cause range v range is boring.

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