Broken Matchmaking

Trying to get into a Blitz or Aral match is grueling to say the least. Almost every time a match is found everyone will accept the match although the game will think that since a bot accepted the match that not everyone has accepted. The “match found” banner will then remain in stasis for about 30s before it will prompt you with the message that a player did not accept. This will happen for a long time depending on how lucky you are. Also, (for Aral matches) after everyone chooses a hero the entire game will collapse into the menu screen, is there a reason for this? Are Aral matches cursed? Oh and please check out this cool photo of the matchmaking being broken as hell.

I think its safe to say that after they gutted most of the client, there would be some bugs that appear due from it.

And since it seems that the put the team to work 100% on CB, a fix problem wont happen until god knows when.

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Yeah this is new. It’s only been the last few days, but the game doesn’t register the players accepting the match or something. Sometimes it still does but its random. Probably something on the server side but yeah, who knows if there will be a fix so…vg is kinda really dead until this stops.

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Whoa, that’s bad.

This has cropped up in the past from time to time and was always fixed on the server side, so I think you’re right, it’s probably a server issue this time as well.

As both you and @RiseChu say, though, I fear it may not get fixed very quickly.


Well I wouldn’t expect them to fix it fast: they’re getting nothing but publicity out of it, if that. I still think they should never have fully demonetized the game. Still a good few individuals playing…enough to find a match pretty easily. Buut crying over long spilled, spoiled, dried out milk at this point.



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Edit: Actually I’ve found it’s just don’t be first, or accept in the first few seconds.

lol I don’t know if this is just coincidence or something that actually works, but I’ve found that if you are experiencing this bug and make sure you wait to be the last person to accept a match, it goes through more often. There are still times when nothing happens but it seems to happen less that way.

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Was ways better to keep monetisation, hire a small team (5-6 people) to do balance and new good quality skins to sell. Even if they still lose some amount of money at the end of the month, it was going to do wonders to their reputation and image (and this is not that useless if we talk investors and how you are perceived as a game dev studio). As a bonus they would not just axe the game that started it all, that still got a lot of potential if effort is put and would not burn so many people that devote years of time/money into the game. Potentially later come back to active development too, something that I find impossible currently + soon LOL will release and the last few players move on.

Really, when they released 5vs5 the new system was obviously for more income, but they should had totally revamp it. Some more basic skins can be earn for free, some that are harder to earn via events for free, some that can be earn for free as a championship/tournament awards, most locked behind a payment with the respective tiers (i.e. most of the good stuff + it should never be available via other way so people know not to wait and hope it will come for free via event or smth).

Should had gone to similar road, explain to the veterans clearly the situation they are in and why they are doing it, give few free good skins to every member and you know what? We were going to understand them and most likely even spent more to support our beloved game. Instead it was half baked things, blueprints and whatnot.


I think the bug may have been fixed.

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